Monday, April 16, 2012


My friend thinks it is "Crow in Love" and I think it is "Crow After Rival"   I have read multiple and various websites on how to get rid of crows.   Short of shooting them, it is a problem, and I live in a residential neighborhood so shooting is out.

I am opposed to shooting them since by the time I open  the window or garage door they will belong since gone.  I am not going to buy a shot gun or rifle and shells to do them in, but I have mentally considered doing so.  

Some suggested a water cannon (???), now how would I do that?  A visual and auditory image of Tsiolkovsky's 1812 Overture popped into my brain with that pearl. 

Other suggestion include a fake plastic owl, but the author and comments say they will know it is fake in one day.   Playing loud noise, including distressed crow calls,  and the best was putting a dead crow in that space.  Where does one get a dead crow?   I guess a dead crow would scare me too if I thought that might be my future.

What Chuck did,   I read that crows hate snakes.   Last evening he put two brightly colored bungee cords on the car.   Well, this morning I heard the crows but none of them landed.    I guess I should get plastic snakes and vary their location daily. 

The articles also stated that crows are very, very intelligent.   I hate to match wits with a bird brain.

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  1. So you are doing battle with crows. I have not one suggestion. By the way the surgeon did exactly as said by you without me asking. Everything went well. but the pain is strong, yet.
    Good luck on the crows.