Saturday, August 18, 2012


After I installed the ink cartridges I decide to print something.   Changing the ink cartridges proved to be difficult that it appeared.  I had to go back to the bowels of the manual it was not easy, no pop and remove.    I had to press the blinking tear drop button and wait for it to whiz bang and finally it was ready.   I still have to figure out what it was doing.   It was quick to install them and to finish (according to the instructions) you had to press the button again, and there was no whiz banging this time.   Press the button and I now heard about a minutes worth of noise, really--what if going on here?

The blinking red button stopped.   Now to try the test page and the computer sends me a message that there is no printer, but the scanned is here (???????) what in the hell does that mean? 

Back to check the downloads for the "all in one device" that I had just downloaded.    Next I download the drivers again and after a repeat on the installation it sent me a message that is was successfully installed.  I remember it told me that before.....

You may ask how did the printing job go, it did not because now it won't feed, but at least I am not getting messages that the printer is not there.    No wonder they gave that damn printer  away when you purchased the computer.

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  1. I'm yearning for the simple days of quill pens and candlelight.
    It took me nearly a year to learn everything about my printer - - then one day there was a huge thunderstorm and the lightning knocked my printer out! It never worked again. So I had to buy a new one and start all over again.....