Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This year Lucy had a bowel obstruction and prior to that she had been losing weight.   She had to have an operation and while in the abdomen the vet took some biopsies.  Lucy was diagnosed with a condition that she now has to take prednisone as well as chemo medication (pills) every two weeks.

The prednisone is now every other day; at first it was daily and more tablets.    Getting a cat to take medication is next to impossible and worse if the cat decides that they do not want; which is the usual course of   events with cats.

When she was first on the mend we found a wonderful vehicle for the pill delivery which are called  Pill Pockets, made  by Greenies.   It worked well for a few months but after the decrease in her dosage she was not interested.   I think that was because the prednisone increases the appetite and she would eat everything in sight.   Now she was no longer ravenous and the fun began.   She would sniff the Pill Pockets and then chew off the casing and leave the pill.  

We tried all sort of soft cat treats and put the pills inside them, they were accepted for a bit of time, and they she refused.   We tried to plunk the pill down her throat, but giving the pill was stressful for me and the cat.  I had to were gloves so I did not get bitten with her needle sharp teeth.

My next idea, after consulting the vet, was to order the medication in a liquid form.  It had to be compounded and flavored, chicken or fish.   We dropped the liquid prednisone on a small container lid, sniff, sniff, sniff and she walked away with her tail held high.   Next tactic was to add a bit of bottled pre-prepared gravy,  she did not like that either.  

The latest medication was to load the tiny syringe with the medication, find her when she was napping, open her mouth and squirt it in, all with the speed of a nano second.  She gave me the look of what the hell just happened here.    Today will be another dosage,   I think she will be sleeping lightly from now on.

Her pills are followed by a cat treat or two.  I hope it helps get rid of the bitter taste of the prednisone.  I can't wait for this afternoon and another adventure.

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  1. I just want my namesake to get well. I do not envy you the job of giving medication. Their teeth are sharp.