Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been busy, mostly with the genealogy stuff and working at Emilys' house.    The previously tangerine orange entry way and hall is now  a taupe.   Women will know what color it is and men will say "What the hell color is that?"   It is a light gray/tan, you have to see it...    The new color is calming, the orange was just, loud, annoying and just plain ugly.    I would not have chosen that color to paint an outhouse.

This weekend we are going to paint a dark brown bedroom.   Sleeping in that room is like sleeping in a cardboard box, and that is where I sleep when I come to visit.   The people who own the two houses next to  hers are also doing work on them.   One house now has new windows and the workmen are putting up some sort of insulation sheets,  and new siding to go over it, and also new windows   It should look nice and be very warm when they are finished.

On the other side the house was a rental and unkempt, the windows were covered with plywood and paint was chipping off.  It was sold this summer and the new owner repainted it, got new windows and doors.  It looks great too.  This house has a newer roof and the new owner chose a sage green to go with the roof and the trim is brown.  

We are scheduled for a new roof too, work will be done in the near future.  There will be new gutters on the house with the roof.   There is always work to be done when you own a house.

I will take some pictures, somewhere I have the orange and I will post the change.

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  1. If you have read any of my entries you know we have found out our house needed a lot of work all at once. It let us know right away in the most awful way. Water is gone from the basement, Joe says. When he goes to get a haircut I am going to find out. He won't let me go down the stairs yet even though I tell him it is a necessity to be able to maneuver stairs. Shower time.