Monday, January 14, 2013


Sometimes, well maybe all the  time, the weather is very weird.  Saturday and Sunday were quite warm (in the 60's) but it was overcast and gloomy.  Last night a cold front popped through and this morning it is blue skies and chilly. 

After about six weeks, I was able to get the car washed yesterday.   Just the outside, they would vacuum it and do the wheels but that was $6 more.  I told them I would vacuum it myself, Chuck can do the wheels.  Now I do not want to leave the garage because it might get messy, but I guess it is inevitable that I should leave and get out of the house.

Not much going on at all.  I was on a mission to clean out the kitchen pantry and drawers.   I found things that had been long forgotten.  I can never find batteries but now I have plenty, especially the D size which I will probably never use. 

Where does this stuff come from and how did it get there?   I guess now I should go through the pots, pans and other shelves to see what I can get rid of, in the manner of the thrift store.  I suppose every does the same, they save things because they think that someday they will need it.   One big problem for me is I can not see what is on the top shelves,  maybe I will start on that segment tomorrow.


  1. I needs to do that. Clean out drawers and so forth. Needing and doing are 2 different things. Joe saves everything, even the things I tell him to throw away.

  2. It has been in the single digits at night for a week and doesn't warm up much.