Monday, June 10, 2013



I feel like I am running a cat hospital at my house.   Lucy, one of the old girls, has been sick and required medication every other day.  She knows, before I know it, that the day is today and she instantly becomes difficult to catch.

Henry had a UTI and it getting antibiotics, he is easiest  to take his pills.  Next time I will opt out with a one shot injection.

On Saturday my daughter and I , along with her cats, went to the Humane Society clinic, to get them their immunization shots.  They each had a mini physical and then the shots.  Sofie was first, then Oscar and Jenny.  After Oscar was back in the cage Sofie started to vomit and we took her out and then she started salivating and diarrhea.  

Sofie had a severe allergic reaction to the shots.   The clinic vet gave her some Benadryl and epinephrine and kept her for an hour and she was looking better.  That was weird, so then we took her home.

Four hours (about the time everything wore off) she started all over again and this time she looked worse.   Off to the emergency vet clinic and they said she had an anaphylactic reaction.  Sofie had to stay, she had an IV and cortisone medication.   The next day she was allowed to go home,  they said it will take several days to recover and for her to take it easy.   She is currently sleeping under the desk.  She does look better but I wish she would start to eat a little more.

This happens about 1 in 15,000 cases, weren’t we lucky it happened to our house.

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  1. That is weird that the one cat had such a terrible reaction to his shots. I bet that was not a fun time with that one. Who better than to take care of a sick cat than a nurse for humans, actually with your daughter 2 nurses to care for them. Hope all is well for now, and stays that way. You said it is hard for a person to beat an addiction and you are so right. I am amazed my son did it at all or even tried but he did. His son has no one but his 2 dogs and his dad is really on him. He said if I can do it so can you. My husband was an alcoholic which I did not know until after we were married. After several stupid costly disasters he has now been sober for 33 years. I am very proud of that.