Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I think that I and all the people of the Northern portion of the USA are slowly going raving mad.   I was starting to feel a little better when it was actually warm over the past weekend.   Most of the snow had melted, the weather was warm; at 50 F it actually felt warm even thought it was not in reality.  But 50 is better than 10.

On the local station it hinted this morning that there was something going on this Sunday into Monday.   I am happy that the rain has now arrived in California and a series of systems seem to be on their doorsteps, so to speak.  In fact, some of them who had forest fires nearby were preparing for mudslides and floods.

This same system is going to go across the Midwest and into the Northeast and with it brings snow, freezing rain and perhaps ice storms.   Everyone I talk to is bordering on weather induced insanity.   I am thinking that perhaps they should start to put anti anxiety medication in our water supply, starting tomorrow.

I am glad that I have not worn out the snow shovel this winter and I am considering replacing the driveway and installing a heating system that will melt the snow on the concrete....

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