Monday, April 28, 2014



I think the cold winter is almost over; exceptive for the fact there was frost on the lawn yesterday morning.   I wanted to take the winter quilt off the bed but worry that I may freeze some night.

I like sleeping with the window open;or perhaps open just a crack at night.   I have to make my decision soon, or get everything off the bed and into the washer and then to storage until about October. 

The whole winter was extremely cold and snowy and the chill has extended into Spring.  Who knows what summer will bring.   The interesting thing, to me, was the fact the the Farmer Almanac had predicted a brutal winter, and they did better that the National Weather Service.    I heard a tidbit and the Farmers Almanac predicted a cooler summer, and the weather service predicted a hot summer.   It all remains to be seen. 

The husband could not get connected to his brother on Facetime.  Seems the brother had updated his iPad and now it will not connect.   His brother said he had just done an update and husband said he had never updated his iPad.   

The daughter stopped by and took a look and said there were multitudes of updates not installed, LOL.  She said she would stop by on Tuesday to hopefully solve the dilemma.  This should be an all evening affair.

Since I do not have an iPad I do not have the problem and do not know how to solve the problem.   My iPhone, however, is updated.  This will make an interesting story when I relay the procedure.

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