Friday, April 10, 2015



This has been a wet, gloom, sometimes dangerous, and rainy week.  I think the people in California would love to have this week.   At least it is not frozen, as the past three months have been.

It is warmer, in the 60’s and 70’s but very humid.  The forecast call for the rain to end and the sun (?????) to shine.   I would like to get my car washed but don’t want to because of the dirty water splash up from the grime of winter on the roads.

I have been reading about the drought out west, particularly in California.   What I do not understand is why it took four years to issue water restrictions, and what I also don’t understand is why some of the residents in California pay less for water than I do in this soggy state of Pennsylvania.    I don’t remember the town but it seems that they had unlimited usage and some people did not even have water meters. 

We have a basic water rate, very low allowance I must say, and then the sewage rate is doubled.   Even if you were washing every car in the neighbor hood and watering their plants you still have to pay the sewage rate.   You really do not have to water plants here with the exception of July and August.  This cost will usually be about $50 to $60 per month, I think that is a lot for two people.

Guess I will go and look at the rain now.

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